For Prosperity

IMGP0763If we pass comprehensive immigration reform … We help the U.S. economy recover
• Tax revenue will increase with contributions from new legal residents and citizens.
• U.S. businesses will be able to plan their growth without fearing raids or sanctions.
• Standards will be raised for all workers when undocumented immigrants cannot be exploited for low wages anymore.
• New businesses and jobs will be created by new legal residents and citizens.
• Billions of tax payers’ dollars will be saved from being squandered on irrational immigration enforcement such as raids, excessive detention of non-criminals, and inefficient fences.

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The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) believes that Texas should be front and center in the debate over immigration reform. We are a multi-sector statewide network dedicated to building support for comprehensive immigration reform. RITA presents a common, pro-reform voice and push to fix America’s broken immigration system with fair, humane and sensible policies that foster America’s strength, security and prosperity.