#Texas4CIR Caravan

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The Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) and Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance  (RITA) are organizing a caravan known as #Texas4CIR, across 3,000 miles and over 16 cities in Texas to demand Just and Humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform from June 17th  to the 28th 2013.

Actions and Visits at: El Paso, Presidio, Del Rio, Laredo, San Juan, Harlingen,  Brownsville, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Beaumont, Dallas, Plano, Waco,  Round Rock, Austin

For 15 years now, Border Network for Human Rights has been working towards this moment where a comprehensive reform of our immigration system can become a reality. Our vision of reform has a fair path to citizenship as well as accountable border enforcement.

Texas has a unique contribution to the national debate. Not only is it home to nearly 2 million aspiring Americans, and has the longest border with Mexico, but it is increasingly a political prize for federal elections given its minority-majority population The #Texas4CIR also aims to unify communities and to raise their voices and be heard, as well as call for respect and accountability on the part of our leaders


Our goal is to raise $25,000 by June 30, 2013 to support the #Texas4CIR Caravan


You can help the Caravan with your donation that can help  pay for meals, lodging, and gas expenses. Please see the suggested donation amounts below.


$20 – Solidarity Support

$50 – Meals for three traveling coordinators for one day

$100 –Lodging for five traveling coordinators

$500 – Fuel for the Caravan

$1,000 – Trip Sponsor





All donations can be made via PayPal or checks made payable and sent directly to our office:

Border Network for Human Rights
2115 N. Piedras
El Paso, TX 79930

All donations are Tax-Deductible per IRS 501(c) 3 regulations – Receipt will be emailed after donation, for additional information on donating, please email to ssoto@bnhr.org. 

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The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) believes that Texas should be front and center in the debate over immigration reform. We are a multi-sector statewide network dedicated to building support for comprehensive immigration reform. RITA presents a common, pro-reform voice and push to fix America’s broken immigration system with fair, humane and sensible policies that foster America’s strength, security and prosperity.