Give $10 for the 10th

RITA is changing. As we faced the onslaught of a harsh anti-immigrant agenda in Texas in 2010 and 2011, we came to an important conclusion: this isn’t about immigrant rights. Our struggle is linked to the struggle of all communities across the state. This is about human rights.

RITA has moved beyond immigration.

December 10 is celebrated around the world as Human Rights Day. Across the state, RITA partners and supporters will be celebrating this day with action, education and mobilization.

We are asking you to give $10 on December 10th to support human rights work across Texas and to help RITA build a better state for us all.

The Border Network for Human Rights, a 14-year-old community organizing group in El Paso, Texas, is the fiscal agent for RITA and supports all of our work.

Thank you for stepping up to spread the human rights agenda to every corner of our great state. We direct you to the Border Network for Human Rights Pay Pal account for your generous donation.


In solidarity,
Adriana Cadena, RITA Statewide coordinator.

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The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) believes that Texas should be front and center in the debate over immigration reform. We are a multi-sector statewide network dedicated to building support for comprehensive immigration reform. RITA presents a common, pro-reform voice and push to fix America’s broken immigration system with fair, humane and sensible policies that foster America’s strength, security and prosperity.