Three #Texas4CIR Caravaners arrested for protesting border militarization

They took them away

They have just taken Fernando Garcia, Daniel Diaz and Teresa Nevarez away in handcuffs for protesting border militarization and the fact that Senators traded off broder communities to win political points.
We were protesting at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Dallas during our #Texas4CIR Caravan tour of the state. We were here in Dallas to denounce our own senators for their anti-immigrant stance on immigration reform when we heard the news yesterday that border communities had been traded off by Senators who voted to accept the Corker-Hoeven amendment.
This amendment changes the face of immigration reform.
It brings massive militarization to the border. It means more drones, more walls, new Black Hawk helicopters and doubling Border Patrol to be the largest paramilitary force in the U.S. This amendment makes the U.S.-Mexico border, where more than 6 million U.S. residents live and work, one of the most militarized borders in the world. It’s no accident that military contractors are going to win big under this new regime.
This was supposed to be about our lives, our rights and our future. What happened to immigration reform that focused on families and American values?
The #Texas4CIR Caravan is a two-week long caravan that will visit 16 Texas cities and involve thousands of Texans, showing how intense support for immigration reform is in the state. Photos and video of the entire Caravan available at

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