BREAKING: 6 More Arrested in Texas Protesting Border Militarization

Six More Arrested in Austin

They were protesting the militarization of border communities 

(AUSTIN, Texas) – Six more people were arrested today in Austin, Texas protesting the border militarization provisions in immigration reform.

Their arrests come two days after three were arrested at the Democratic Party headquarters in Dallas, where they were also protesting militarization.

About 300 people people flooded 6th Street in Austin just before rush hour. They shut down traffic, blocking cars with giant cardboard fences — representing the border wall. Protestors demonstrated in front of the fence and handed out leaflets with information on the humanitarian crisis of migrant deaths at the border. Militarization forces migrants into the hands of criminals who promise to get them to the U.S., but who often abuse, exploit or abandon them. Those making the journey alone are pushed into the most dangerous, most remote areas. Falfurrias, Texas is one such area where the number of bodies is overwhelming the small police force there.

The protest was a die-in. Think sit-in.

With faces painted to represent the hundreds who die in the desert, protestors laid down in front of the cardboard fence and stopped moving or responding to people around them.

Police were eventually called and had to carry each limp protestor off the street before arresting them.

As protestors staged the die-in, the Senate was taking a vote to pass their immigration reform package. The deal was poisoned Monday with the adoption of the Corker-Hoeven amendment. The amendment represents a concession to the border-enforcement-first crowd and will double Border Patrol ranks, double the border wall, bring 18 border drones and new Black Hawk helicopters plus an array of military weapons and surveillance technology. The deal was touted as a way to get to 70 votes in the Senate. The amendment passed with only 67.

Today’s event is the last in a two-week long statewide caravan for citizenship and accountable enforcement that began in El Paso. Caravaners marched into offices of John Cornyn and Ted Cruz in Harlingen, San Antonio and Dallas.  On Wednesday, about 50 people shut down Democratic Party headquarters in Dallas — leading to the arrest of three caravaners.

The inclusion of militarization in the immigration reform deal means it is no longer about families and American values, the protestors argue. Carrying messages that compared the U.S.-Mexico border to the Korean DMZ, and asked “Is this reform?”

After their friends were arrested, the crowd then went to the jail to protest for the quick release of “the Texas Six.”

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