Texans Must Lead The Call For Reform, Here’s Why

Everyone knows that Texas is special. Things are bigger here. Some even say that things are better here, too. We’ll admit it, RITA believes in the power of Texans and in the greatness of our state.

That’s why we believe Texas needs to be at the forefront in demanding a national solution to the broken immigration system that leaves our country less free and less safe.

Our Texas economy is strong and we’re proud of that here. We must never allow Texas policies, including those dealing with immigration, to damage our reputation as a state that has a pragmatic attitude toward the economy. With a budget deficit close to $25 billion, we will not stand for divisive state legislation that will turn away key economic partners, such as Mexico, and impose unsustainable costs on our state and city governments.

Texans believe in family values. We believe in helping children excel in school so they can prosper as adults. We cannot abide any policies that would restrict access to education to our students. This would only undermine the nucleus of our society. As Texans, we must live up to our best values, not be led astray by our worst fears.

If there is one thing that makes Texas special, it’s our long and fascinating history. Texas has historically been composed of diverse cultures, all embracing the American Dream. Immigrants and immigration are part of our legacy as a nation and as a state. Texans see our state as a beacon of opportunity, and we will never stand for any laws and policies that don’t respect our state heritage. In Texas, we take our commitment to uphold the promise of liberty and justice for all very seriously.

RITA believes in immigration reform because we believe in the American dream and the promise of American opportunity. And we believe Texas can lead the way.

Join us today.

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The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) believes that Texas should be front and center in the debate over immigration reform. We are a multi-sector statewide network dedicated to building support for comprehensive immigration reform. RITA presents a common, pro-reform voice and push to fix America’s broken immigration system with fair, humane and sensible policies that foster America’s strength, security and prosperity.